Nic Billington Unveils Solo Directorial Thriller with Cinematic Music Video for “Slasher”

Nic Billington, the maestro of musical allure and creative multi-talent, today unveils the music video for latest single ‘Slasher’, a thrill ride like no other. Showcasing not only his musical prowess but also his directorial and production skills, ‘Slasher’ delves into the perils of blind encounters through dating apps, unfolding through captivating scenes shot with Spy Camera Glasses. 

Taking an unexpected turn, the American Horror Story-inspired visual is a one-man-army approach to visual storytelling, Billington seamlessly juggling roles from conceptualisation to shooting, editing and everything in between. The result is what one might expect from a Hollywood production. Nic Billington’s ability to captivate audiences with both his musical and visual storytelling talents continues to set him apart, proving that sometimes the most captivating stories are crafted by a single visionary mind. His past solo creations, such as ‘You Get Me High’ and ‘Without a Warning’, prove that with determination, creativity, and a pinch of resourcefulness, you can achieve cinematic excellence without breaking the bank. 

“Doing everything yourself can get extremely frustrating at times, but the outcome always makes it worth it. Music and visuals go hand in hand for me, and I love the creative aspect of doing both.” – Nic Billington 

Shot in the unconventional locations of Tooting Market and Nic’s London home, transformed into a chilling serial killer’s lair, ‘Slasher’ is a visual feast with a wardrobe supplied by London-based sustainable fashion brand Black Stripes, adding a touch of ethical glamour. 

Nic Billington – Slasher (Official Music Video)


On the single, Nic Billington said: “‘Slasher’ is about the desperate need for love and attention, even if it means putting yourself in harms way. When you know something is bad for you but you do it anyway.. In today’s world of social media and dating apps, a lot of us are constantly putting ourselves out there, seeking attention and validation. This track pokes fun at the whole pursuit of excitement from complete strangers – even though they could very well be a serial killer.”


Crafted by both Nic Billington and Mia van Wyk, the thrilling, synth-loaded ‘Slasher’ fearlessly explores the willingness to embrace the risks in the pursuit of passion and desire, telling the intense tale of an encounter with a stranger.

South African producer Paul Gala adds the distinctive 80s vibe and edgy synths that define ‘Slasher,’ while London-based musician Todd Blackmore injects electrifying guitar magic. With Nic’s captivating vocals leading the way, ‘Slasher’ weaves a narrative of passion and peril, defying the usual boundaries of pop music.

‘Slasher’ pays homage to the eerie charm of 80s and 90s horror cult movies, blending contemporary pop and vintage terror, putting a unique spin on Nic’s eclectic repertoire and affinity for darker things. 

A luminary in the world of dark pop, Nic Billington has captivated audiences globally. From gaining international acclaim through YouTube covers to achieving fame in South Africa, Nic’s journey is marked by chart-topping hits and recognition from pop icon Britney Spears.

‘Slasher’ is extracted from Nic’s eagerly anticipated second album, Dark Horse, scheduled for release on 9th February 2024, and promises to boldly explore the darker facets of pop music.


About Nic Billington:

“Simply Irresistible” are the lyrics that South African born, Nic Billington, belted out whilst watching a Robert Palmer music video at the tender age of 6 years old. At that very moment, Nic knew he was destined to be a pop star. 

After relocating with his family from Scotland to South Africa in 1994, Nic often ventured out on his own to indulge in his favourite pastime – music. He spent his younger days with his notebook and pen, scribbling lyrics while laying down melodies on his tape recorder.

By the age of 13, Nic had already written an array of pop songs and was involved in the school choir and later became one half of the duo, The Verdict. The Verdict enjoyed popular success with their combination of dance and house music.

In 2006, Nic was in the employ of an independent record company, where he spent time learning the trivia of the music industry. He soon began networking with producers, using his business acumen to slowly build the foundations of his career as a serious music artist.


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