The Dark Horse of Synth-wave

“White Wedding” – The latest single and music video from Nic Billington.

Unveiling the Synth-Wave Enigma: Nic Billington’s Dark Horse Unleashed

About Nic Billington

Nic Billington’s musical odyssey, sparked by a childhood revelation inspired by a Robert Palmer video, has evolved into a remarkable career. From gaining international recognition through unique YouTube covers, catching Britney Spears’ eye in 2008, and achieving fame in South Africa, his journey has been highlighted by media coverage in publications like People, Cleo, and Heat. After the success of his debut album “Overload” in 2013, marked for its modern pop fusion, Nic continued to ascend, boasting chart-topping hits, performances for Mr South Africa, and recognition in Heat Magazine’s Top 100 Celebrities. Relocating to London in 2021, his visually striking music videos for singles like “You Get Me High” and “Homesick” garnered attention. Now, on the brink of his sophomore release, “Dark Horse,” Nic Billington’s journey reaches a pivotal moment, promising to propel him even further in the global music scene.

Where Music Meets Cinematic Brilliance

Immerse yourself in a unique audio-visual experience crafted by Nic himself— a musician, self-produced director, and sometimes even the man behind the camera. The collection showcases the seamless fusion of musical talent and visual prowess, as each video is a testament to Nic’s dedication to perfection. From the conceptualization to the final cut, every step of the creative process is meticulously overseen by Nic, ensuring a harmonious blend of sound and sight.

From ‘Simply Irresistible’ Beginnings to ‘Dark Horse’ Triumphs

“Simply Irresistible” are the lyrics that South African born, Nic Billington, belted out whilst watching a Robert Palmer music video at the tender age of 6 years old. At that very moment, Nic knew he was destined to be a pop star.

Ready for a Dark Musical Journey?

Experience the allure of Nic Billington’s ‘Dark Horse’ album, featuring hit singles like ‘Homesick,’ ‘You Get Me High,’ ‘White Wedding,’ and more. Release date: February 9, 2024. Pre-save now on your preferred platform.

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