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  • Nic Billington Unveils Solo Directorial Thriller with Cinematic Music Video for “Slasher”

    Nic Billington, the maestro of musical allure and creative multi-talent, today unveils the music video for latest single ‘Slasher’, a thrill ride like no other. Showcasing not only his musical prowess but also his directorial and production skills, ‘Slasher’ delves into the perils of blind encounters through dating apps, unfolding through captivating scenes shot with Spy Camera Glasses.  Taking an unexpected […]

  • Nic Billington Unveils Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album, “Dark Horse,” on February 9, 2024

    Global: November, 2023 – Prepare for another spellbinding chapter in the musical odyssey of Nic Billington as he unveils his second album, “Dark Horse,” slated for release on February 9, 2024. Co-written predominantly with collaborator Mia van Wyk, the album is a fusion of dark pop and 80s nostalgia, featuring earlier chart-topping hits such as […]

  • Nic Billington Rocks the Boat with New Single, “Living to Die”.

    Stream/ Download, HERE. Fresh off the back of one of his biggest hits, with “Homesick”, comes another hypnotic BOP from South African-born, London-based musician Nic Billington. Penned by Billington and London-based producer, Cave Man, “Living to Die” can be described as a thought-provoking melancholic electronic pop track, blanketed in Freddie Mercury-esque vocals and 80s undertones.  […]