Nic Billington Rocks the Boat with New Single, “Living to Die”.

Stream/ Download, HERE.

Fresh off the back of one of his biggest hits, with “Homesick”, comes another hypnotic BOP from South African-born, London-based musician Nic Billington.

Penned by Billington and London-based producer, Cave Man, “Living to Die” can be described as a thought-provoking melancholic electronic pop track, blanketed in Freddie Mercury-esque vocals and 80s undertones. 

At first glance the title may come across gloomy and with a sense of foreboding, however the single – which is already charting on radio stations across South Africa – is aimed to evoke the listener to think for themselves and question the societal norms that we’ve been conditioned to in today’s modern world.

“The song serves as a reminder that we only live once, which is why we need to live with purpose and not become complacent or be bogged down by things that are insignificant”, says Nic.

With an almost literal take on “swimming against the current”, the music video, shot beneath the River Thames in London, follows Nic down a one-way foot tunnel as he veers through crowds of people walking in the opposite direction.

Nic explains: “Because the song questions the status quo, I wanted the visuals to do the same. The conflict that I experience along the way represents people’s unwillingness to change. It’s bold and rebellious yet vulnerable at the same time”.

Watch the music video, HERE.

Nic, whose musical influences include Labrinth, The Weeknd and Billie Eilish, has also just kicked off a promotional tour in the UK to promote the new single. Breaking into new territories and being introduced to new audiences means that the possibilities are infinite for this breakout artist.

“Living to Die” is now available on all streaming platforms –


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