Nic Billington Unveils Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album, “Dark Horse,” on February 9, 2024

Global: November, 2023 – Prepare for another spellbinding chapter in the musical odyssey of Nic Billington as he unveils his second album, “Dark Horse,” slated for release on February 9, 2024.

Co-written predominantly with collaborator Mia van Wyk, the album is a fusion of dark pop and 80s nostalgia, featuring earlier chart-topping hits such as “Without A Warning,” “You Get Me High,” “Homesick,” “White Wedding,” and “Living to Die.” Described by Nic as “dark and melancholic with a modern and sexy twist,” the compilation promises to transport listeners on a unique and mesmerizing journey.

The production of “Dark Horse” was a collaborative effort between South African music maestro Paul Gala and London-based producer Cave Man. Their combined prowess adds a distinctive touch, ensuring a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and resonates globally.

Nic began crafting “Dark Horse” during the lockdown in 2020, transforming adversity into a creative force that fueled this remarkable project. Drawing from a decade of life’s trials and tribulations, the album encapsulates a myriad of experiences. Notably, the emotional ballad “Goodbye” pays homage to Nic’s late grandmother, adding a poignant layer to the album’s narrative.

Quote from Nic Billington about “Goodbye”: “Goodbye is probably the most personal song that I’ve written to date. It’s about my late grandmother, Cathy. We had an incredibly strong relationship because we went through the most together as she raised me from a young age. She always encouraged me to follow my dreams and was my biggest fan. I lost her at the very start of this project, and decided to do this song as a tribute to her. It was an extremely tough one to record and I don’t know if I’ll ever perform it live.”

But that’s not all – the album also showcases two remarkable new singles:

  1. Dopamine (Lead Single): “Dopamine” is a last-minute masterpiece that miraculously came together during the final stages of album production. Originally penned in 2021 while Nic was living in South Africa, the track underwent multiple changes and versions until producer Paul Gala, the creative force behind the bulk of the new record, transformed it into something incredible. Now, “Dopamine” takes the spotlight as the lead single, speaking about being present, following your heart, and chasing your dreams.
  2. Slasher: “Slasher” delves into the desperate need for love and attention, even if it means putting oneself in harm’s way. Nic, along with Mia van Wyk, penned this track that explores the allure of engaging in something known to be detrimental. The song vividly paints the picture of meeting a stranger for the first time, acknowledging the potential risks involved.South African producer Paul Gala infused “Slasher” with its distinctive 80s sound, while London-based musician Todd Blackmore added his magical flair on guitar.

Fans and enthusiasts are urged to pre-save “Dark Horse” now via for an exclusive early taste of this musical masterpiece.


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